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The Yale/World Bank Survey on HIV/AIDS and Disability project has been concluded. No further new materials will be added to this Web site. Instead, readers are encouraged to find up-to-date information and resources on the maintained websites listed below.

Professor Nora Ellen Groce left Yale in December 2008 to take the Leonard Cheshire Chair at University College London and to become Director of the Leonard Cheshire Center for Disability and Inclusive Development, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London. She can be reached at: nora.groce@ucl.ac.uk.

Mission Statement

The Global Survey on HIV/AIDS and Disability is designed to identify, foster and disseminate research, policies and programmatic interventions concerning the impact of HIV/AIDS on populations with physical, sensory (deaf, blind), intellectual and mental health disabilities. This program is concerned both with improving HIV/AIDs prevention efforts for children, adolescents and adults with disability and in improving services and support for those individuals with disability who are HIV+.

Project Leadership
  • Principal Investigator: Nora Ellen Groce, Associate Professor, Yale School of Public Health
  • Judith Heumann, Advisor on Disability and Development, The World Bank
  • Debrework Zewdie, Director, The Global HIV/AIDS Program, The World Bank
Disability Groups:

General Disability | Blind | Deaf | Physically Impaired
Psychiatric Disabilities | Multiply Handicapped | Women
Adolescents | Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

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Updated: 03/20/09

Disability and HIV/AIDS
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"HIV/AIDS and Disability: Capturing Hidden Voices"

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